This is the ultimate length on a pair of skinny jeans. I just got my Rag & Bone “Dover” back from the tailor and I can’t wait to wear them without stockings underneath. Spring, please some soon! Her Burberry fits so well with this outfit, it’s kind of preppy but the boots and bag makes it look more interesting. Beautiful!

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51 Responses to “CROPPED JEANS”

  1. Colleen

    I feel so inspired by this! It is preppy with an ease, not so stiff, and I am so envious of the flow she carries.

  2. Maren

    Hei 🙂

    Utrolig kule jeans <3
    Liker bloggen din kjempegodt og du har en utrolig bra stil 🙂
    Morsomt å lese bloggen din.

    Klem Maren

  3. anna

    That is indeed a perfect outfit. It never looks good on me when I wear high anke boots, and short jeans. But this looks perfectly. Maybe I should do something ’bout my 7′ think it’s perfect for it!


  4. Trine

    Wow, those boots are perfect! Any idea where they are from anyone?

    And where is the picture from btw? Is it your own?

  5. Kristine

    I love cropped jeans, and I’m looking forward to purchase a pair this season since I can’t wear flared pants.

    Just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog, and envy your life! I’m craving for a life in fashion and a little bit of attention! Would be a dream come true!

    Heia Norge !

  6. Blackcowboy

    Love the fitting of her skinny jeans too and the length is okay for this look, but I also really love love skinny jeans if they are longer and you could see the crinkles of the jeans at the feet or shoes / pumps. This is a good look too!

    kind regards from Germany

  7. maicen

    This is such a great photo. I love everything about this outfit, and she looks so nice too! I hope summer will hurry, this jeans are here to stay:)
    Thank you for a great blog Hanneli.


  8. fashion westie

    I’m such a fan of this length in jeans-uber flattering…on everyone EXCEPT me. Grrr…maybe if I find the right boots? Maybe if I get leg extension surgery?

    Love her look though.

  9. Brianna

    beautiful!!! i really am loving this whole getup and i totally agree about the preppy-ness of the coat but it just works with the jeans and boots.

  10. la tiquismiquis

    i love love love it! this length is interesting – i also wear it with boots and socks. 🙂

    la tiquismiquis