I met the beautiful Chelsea in Meatpacking yesterday and I can’t get over how she had put the cream colored bow with the white shirt. Had the bow been the exact same color as the shirt it wouldn’t have been so good.  The way her cape  moved while she walked was amazing. Chelsea has a beautiful and quirky BLOG and she’s in two bands and I will write the names of them when I have her two CDs, now I’m at the airport. Update: She’s in three bands and they are (with links and all) – Chelsea JadeJames DuncanTeacups.

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54 Responses to “CREAM ON WHITE”

  1. chelsea

    i’m a little slow on the uptake here,

    but thanks for being so lovely, everyone!

    i got the sunglasses at beacon’s closet in brooklyn.

    i think they were $20.

    i’m a penny pincher.


  2. Corling & CO

    Love it. Wish I could find some “off-rayban” sunglasses in the rounded shape, but until then, the rounded Wayfarer 4141s are the closest thing to those sunshades! Very Grace Kelly.

  3. Kev

    Hey i really love your pictures! may i ask what kind of camera and lense do you use for them?

  4. rebekah

    What an amazing outfit! Love, love love the cream and white! And the sunglasses are fantastic!

  5. elias.

    The first thing that caught my eye was her bag. Who designed it? Ending Note: She is so beautiful!

  6. erin Lee

    her entire look is simply perfect!
    p.s. does anyone know the brand of her sunglasses, they’re absolutely amazing!

  7. kylie

    That girl is definitely chic. I love how she walks with such confidence and “swag”. I really wanted to use that word. 🙂 You are definitely right about the cream being just right with the white… it’s absolutely perfect.

  8. lalipupa

    I love the girl’s style! so pure and fresh! You always pick the most inspiring and strong women 🙂

  9. Kelly Frances

    the cape looks so warm and cozy
    you’re right about the color of the bow.. a great addition to the blouse. lovely feminine feel, despite the bowtie <3


  10. Roxanne

    gorgeous! you’re really great at capturing street fashion.

  11. Yasmin

    I think this is an amazing look, i really love how the cream colored bow and the white shirt matches her pale skin and her blonde hair. I would have biked after her too. By the way, I’m crazy about the sunglasses and the shoes!

    Yasmin 16, Copenhagen

  12. pj

    love her outfit! The cream bow doesn’t set off the white shirt and they surprisingly mesh well together!

  13. LH

    she look so fresht and sunglasses are so amazing ! do you know where they are from?

  14. Ginta

    I love it. I love the bow tie. She looks elegant, subtle and cute, little bit like a little boy in a absolutely best way 🙂