Julia Sarr Jamois wearing a fun and very cool dress. The colors are so beautiful and unexpected.

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  1. Haliz

    I hate when people say that it’s “ur responsibility” to show other people how to live and so on. Hanneli, I think you take beautiful shots. You see beauty.
    People make their own choices. Everyone knows the damages of smoking. It’s not like Hanneli tells to the people go jump off from a cliff.
    c’mon you guys are pathetic.


    Yey, so fun to hear your thoughts! Julia is stunning!

    Hek, Downtowner,The_Dark_Lady_2 and Kendra, Thanks for your feedback. I will try to post less of people smoking. This looked good as a picture, and that’s that.

  3. Kendra

    Great dress and all , but is it not hypocritical of you as a “model” ad someone who is “healthy” to be promoting smoking cigarettes?

  4. The_Dark_Lady_2

    Hek and Donwtowner, I totally agree with you. Hate the glamourisation of smoking. Hannelli, you are beautiful and stylish but you have a responsibility along with your popularity not to promote self-harm. Please don’t post pics of people smoking.

  5. kirstie

    I see her all over style blogs and I kept wondering who she is. Now I know thank you! I love your blog unbelievable photography and your style is perfection.


  6. Paulina

    This dress is amazing! 😉

    I don’t know how you did it,but your pictures are great and everyone picture of your blog it’s special 😉

    Good lock Hanneli 😉

  7. Downtowner

    No, Hek, I agree with you totally. I really hate seeing comments like Katie’s who thinks the cigarette looks “michievious.” Would she say the same thing if the model was holding a gun to her mouth?

  8. Louise

    What an absolutely beautiful and fun dress. After seeing so many autumnal colours, I’m loving the bright blues and orange x

  9. gabriela

    gorgeous! i love it that her coolness is, despite the polka dots and big hair, super understated! not many can pull this off without looking desperate

  10. Hek

    Am I the only one who thinks smoking looks really bad…?

    Other than that, she looks lovely of course! I love the dress:)

  11. Lotte

    i would love to have this dress!
    i’m a bit jalouse, and i wonder if these colours look this good on me as they do on her.

    take a look at my blog if you want:


  12. amy C

    Whoa where did she get that dress? It’s so super. And I can see your reflection in the sunglasses! Lovely photo 🙂