I was lucky enough to get to see the amazing Charlotte Gainbourg perform at Coachella. She was great and so sweet. And I’m in love  with her Balenciaga pants! Apparently she has boxes full of Balenciaga coming to her during her tour.

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  1. KohCo

    I love Charlotte
    She is amazing
    No wonder she’s the Balenciaga muse
    And this is such a fantastic picture!

  2. Nataliexxx

    Ooooooooooh Hanneli! Your blog makes me gush. I can’t remeber the last time I said this but not only am I following, I’ve put you in my Stalk List (aka daily reads). I’m drawn to the lovely understated vibe your blog gives off and your photography.


  3. Kazuko

    she’s gorgeous. can’t believe that even in this picture she looks so beautiful as if in a set up photo shoot.

  4. Ellie

    I love Charlotte’s style. And it says a lot about the French that they chose her as best dressed a few years ago – with her relaxed, natural, unfussy style.

    Hope you get more photos of her!!

  5. Madame M

    It’s completely crasy! i live in france near Paris and never had the chance to see her.She’s a queen of cinema, music…You’re are really luck

  6. Ginta

    She looks amazing! And wears as always Balenciaga! I love Charlotte, she’s great actress and great singer. Her style is so effortless, so elegant and so sublime.

  7. maya

    Miss Hanneli – this is your best post EVER! i love her, she looks
    A-MAZING – bravo x