If you have seen “The Runaways” you get my title reference. I have actually had that song in my head since I saw it a couple of months back. I was lucky enough to visit Anna Della Russo at her apartment together with Tommy Ton on my last day in Milan. When we entered her closet I seriously teared up… I’m such a geek. It was beautiful. Then she put this outfit on and put the cherry on top.

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47 Responses to “CH-CH-CHERRY BOMB!”

  1. M

    i don’t like her, i like her work. but hum.. she look ridiculous in my opinion.
    i really like your blog anyway ☂

  2. lulla

    oh how i envy you for getting a chance to see her closet!

    but Anna definitely knows how to have fun with fashion – & i love her for that!

  3. Sofia Irene

    AHHH, I read the title and sang it at the same time.

    AdR is shocking. Her wardrobe must be the same.

    Keep up the good work and pretty pics Hanneli.

  4. Anja

    loved the styling of the film (and as you know, I´m a sucker for word play, too) and ADR´s YSL! she rocks.

  5. sara

    that song remained in my head for weeks after i watched the movie!
    i love AdR’s style, so glamorous

  6. Caroline

    Wonderful pictures and Anna Dello Russo is exactly what the fashion world needs right now, she seems to enjoy fashion in a way that I´ve never experienced anyone else do in a while.

  7. Bettina

    Love the dress! And Cherry Bomb has been stuck on my brain ever since I saw The Runaways too. It’s infectious!

  8. mustownmore

    Wow, you are so lucky, I’d love to see inside her wardrobes! I am fascinated by how she does it – when you have so much stuff you often forget about it – is she super organised? Does she catalogue everything she owns? Anna DR needs to write a book!

    Loving these pictures – the cherry on the top is the perfect accessory (other than the dog).

  9. C

    ADR is so bold and fearless when it comes to her wardrobe! so inspiring, huh??
    i will always admire her!


  10. mm

    Visiting Anna’s closet someday will be compared to visiting CoCo Chanel’s apartment. Well Maybe (LOL)