My apologies for the downtime on my blog over the past couple of days. The old server couldn’t handle the increasing number of readers, so I was forced to move to a new host. Everything should be up and running again now.

The increased traffic is due to YOU guys. Thanks for being so sweet and supportive. I’m truly grateful!

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6 Responses to “CH-CH-CH-CH-CHANGES”

  1. jeavi

    du har en utrolig bra blogg Hanneli, elsker stilsansen din! Og ikke minst alle de fine bildene av andre flotte mennesker, great inspiration! 🙂 Har tipset om deg på bloggen min også, thought you should know;)

    Keep it comin, me loves!

  2. tonio

    Im so so so glad for you!
    And there will be MORE cause your work does not deserve any less.



  3. Notre&Co

    woah, thats stuff you have to keep track of haha 🙂 hopefully you are in a place with unlimited bandwidth now! GL