I have been on the fence about these Celine bags, I wasn’t sure what I thought about the parts sticking out on the sides. But seeing it hang so unpretentiously on Josefine Nielsen’s arm changed my mind. It’s really beautiful.

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79 Responses to “BUY! SELL! NO, WAIT – THE OPPOSITE”

  1. Camilla

    It’s pretty :) I’m more into the tee thou’ – bought a sweatshirt from danish A Question Of and it’s really lovely<3

  2. Mona

    The bag is so beautiful,
    I’ve been on the fence about the mini luggage in burgundy – but I’ve now totally in love!

  3. Vy

    It’s so funny how the title of your blog post can frame the corresponding picture. I thought the female pictured was some up-and-coming hotshot in the stock exchange industry “buy! sell! no, wait – the opposite!). She was straddling two mobiles, an iPod, a Celine bag and rocking a casual (don’t have enough time to plan an outfit) t-shirt – all with a calm and relaxed (maybe facetious) exterior. I read into it too much!

  4. rena

    hi hanneli
    love your blog
    but i think for celine bags the strength is in the structure of the bag… so i think this bag is not that strong compared to the
    luggage, envelope or the box bag – better and worth every penny.
    i love my box bag dearly
    i cant see you with this bag to be honest, it would be too ummm seasonal
    just my 2 cents

  5. bea

    I love it!perfect color combination!check out my blog and comment if you want!

  6. diana

    Hello! I love this bag!! I love bags..
    Do you know the italian brand Il Bisonte?
    I love it!!
    I’m sure you’ ll love too.
    It makes leather vintage amazing!! It is famous especially in Japan!

  7. Jane Stouffer

    It’s a great bag, love the colors. But Josefine looks about 12 years old in this photo, like she’s holding onto her Mommy’s handbag!

  8. Bridg

    you’re right – the colours are so beautiful & rich :)

    B xx


  9. HowHotIsMe

    I love your blog!!! It always makes me super inspired, I enjoy your pictures so much and the people you choose to shoot. Your taste is immaculate.

  10. Susannah J

    The headline is so funny along with the picture. Hanneli you crack me up! I had the same feeling about the bags when seeing them in the shops but on her it looks really good. That’s it, I’m getting one.

  11. ioanna

    Love the black and white colors in the photography and the way that the soft colors of the bag blend in so nicely..