The brown and mustard tones looks so good after all the black we’ve been through lately. She looks amazing! I just bought a vintage brown/mustard-ish shirt while in Copenhagen for a few relaxing days and can’t wait to wear it. I absolutely love Copenhagen, it was so pretty everywhere and the danish looks so cool, they manage to look unique and cool while staying warm. Plus almost everyone where biking on cute old school looking bikes. Ahh! I brought my camera and was hoping to get too shoot all these inspiring people I saw, but the light was just so sad and dark to photograph. I can’t wait to go back one day when it’s a bit brighter.

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21 Responses to “BROWN, MUSTARD AND BLACK”

  1. KatyE.

    It´s so nice to think that being out-in the world-is inspiring to someone. This goes for all of us! We don´t have to look like supermodels to inspire! We are all unique and interesting. It could be the scarf, the socks, the bag, the lipstick- that inspires “the everyday” in life. That´s why I love your blog and The Sartorialist`s blog! It shows us viewers JUST THAT!

  2. Isabel

    Who is that girl? i see her in many fashion blogs…
    I like her face look, white with black lips.

  3. Maris

    She seems like a living Rothko work of art, and so it is the way you titled the pic…

    Great style


  4. Steff

    I just discovered your blog. Your photos are beyond lovely. Somehow the black lipstick in this one is just perfect.

  5. Emilie Kleding Rasmussen

    That was a truly cool picture plus outfit.
    I’m glad to hear that you liked Copenhagen. I am from Copenhagen myself and I obviously love the city too.
    However, I totally follow you on the weather situation – its so dark and cold here!

  6. PawPaw

    I love this “moss” jacket! That’s so cosy and seems so warm! My boyfriend has clothes in that “nature/military” spirit, from U-NI-TY. I will try to steal some pieces from him in view to create the same outfit. It’s just perfect!

  7. Géraldine

    Well spotted. Exactly the kind of pics that makes me want to go back to fashion week. Will you be at Paris menswear Hanneli? Hope to see you soon!

  8. The Photodiarist

    Love the colors. I like that she balanced it with the dark shoes, bag and lipstick. Great vision — both hers for putting it together and yours for seeing the beauty here.