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65 Responses to “BLUE VALENTINE”

  1. Ciello

    great photo! alex is great at orchestrating these details in clothing we don’t often think would work well together! bravo!

  2. Johanna

    Hanneli I saw you today at Carolina Herrera today but couldn’t get myself to go over and say hi. I want to take a picture with you. Maybe I’ll work up the courage tomorrrow.

  3. Hia

    What a lovely photo of Alexa! Hanneli you always capture the best moments. Thanks for the daily inspo.

  4. Elise

    Hi Hanneli

    I once read something on, about you being really impressed by the “word plays” in titles in your favorite magazines (I remember that you mentioned “Turban Renewal” as an example”. Well, I think ‘Blue Valentine’ is a brilliant and very appropriate title – even though I don’t know how many people actually know the song called that.

    And of course you are such an amazing photographer and you always seems so sweet and smiling πŸ™‚

  5. Alice Attlee

    Hehe! That jacket is damn amazing. I bet it smells all musty and vostalgic-y. And that hat…well, the hat is fantastic, to say the least. I do love me a good hat. πŸ™‚

  6. Catherine

    Ah, I love the color of her coat! Although now that someone mentioned Cookie Monster, I can’t unsee it! (It’s still a beautiful coat, though). Alexa Chung seems to have the sweetest disposition, and I love how she always smiles in pics.

  7. Tessa

    Hanneli your blog is beyond inspiring! Thank you! I never write comments anywhere but I just needed to tell you this.

  8. Hannah

    I love this picture of her! Very mysterious and her coat is so pretty. Hanneli all your pictures are amazing. Thank you for inspiring me.

  9. Caroline

    Alexa Chung is always so stylish! Isn’t it a pleasant surprice to meet her on the street?
    ps. I saw your styling session for H&M and I definetely got some information for summer ^^
    XOXO Caroline

  10. ABeautifulfool

    Beautiful. She makes me think of the girl in the beatles song norwegian wood. A little anita pallenberg too

  11. madame M

    Alexa is fabulous in this colorful fur coat.I love how she plays with the different blues. Just great and as usual she’ s natural and stylish!

  12. Iris

    Absolutely ADORE Alexa! She’s so pretty and I love her style.
    This coat remindes me of coockie monster πŸ™‚