Tabitha Simmons in perhaps one of the best coats ever perfectly worn together with a pair of dark blue jeans. The cut and shape is extraordinary, what else to expect when it’s by McQueen. As well as being a great stylist she’s also a shoe designer, here is a link to her collection.

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30 Responses to “BEST COAT”

  1. ima

    The Coat is McQueen, i was lucky enough to get one at a sample sale a couple of seasons back.

  2. Tanni

    What a great moment you captured Hanneli! The coat is awesome and Tabitha looks so fresh and beautiful.

  3. mustownmore

    Love the cut of the coat – really want to see it from the front too. It makes the rest of her casual style seem more tailored and considered.

    I adore Tabitha Simmons’ shoes, but they are super expensive, even for me (who spends wayyyyy too much on shoes).