While in New York I ran into Ben Gorham, the founder of Byredo Parfumes and one of my favorite scents “Fantastic Man”. He just launched the scent “Blanche” which I have yet to smell. Can’t wait! 

I’m sorry my dear readers that I haven’t been posting as much as I would have liked to lately. I have been very busy as well as I have been on vacation where there was no internet, and I have yet to figure out how to blog properly through my Blackberry. Thank you for being patient and for being my readers. Love you!

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  1. White Line Hotels

    We had the pleasure of being at the opening of the Byredo boutique on Mäster Samuelsgatan 6 at the end of October and we had the privilege to be able to meet Ben Gorham (the brain behind Byredo) and hear how memories inspired his creations.

    Byredo have been very supportive of the opening of the Hotel Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, not only by partnering up with the hotel to provide their bathroom amentites, but also by teaming up with us at White Line Hotels. We are offering one lucky person the chance to have their future memory created by winning a stay at the hotel. Byredo very generously offered to provide the lucky person with a consultancy session in their boutique, as well as a fragrance and candles for them and a friend.

    Tell us what your ideal trip to Stockholm would consist of over at our site and maybe your future memory will be created.

  2. Fiorella

    HEJ!!!sågi en tidnig och blev super glad för din skull..kul att det går bra.Kram Fiorella W

  3. kris

    holy cow i went to high school with that Ben when he was living in Canada. Fantastic site btw!