Here’s a little tease on what’s to come from my Coveteur shoot for Mercedes Benz that is out in January. The first white dress is by Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti, the other white dress but with pink details is by Valentino, my favourite shoes at the moment are these white pony Calvin Klein Collection pumps with brushed gold detail, the very best anklet is a bespoke one by Jennifer Fisher.

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  1. Aline S

    Well I seriously follow this blog for all the fashion insights that you give. Specially these dresses and shoes look so brilliant. Pretty!!!!

  2. Sheri

    Hello! Saw you in the Feb issue of Marie Claire and was wondering what brand of cropped jeans you were wearing (with the zipper at the ankles)?

  3. Celine

    Wha you look lovely in the second photo! Smooth skin + bouncy hair = *-*
    Looking forward to seeing the pictures whee!

  4. Yassira

    Gorgeous clothes and accessories. The Valentino dress strikes the perfect balance between Stepford Wife and Modern Cool. But what really steals the show in the shoot is your skin frankly.
    I am obsessed about glowing skin.
    We curate quality make up and skin care products with a special focus on olive/darker skin tones on our website but your skin is so amazing, it equally serves as an example of what perfect skin should look like. Can you share what products have been used to achieve the incredible dewy gloss on your cheekbones ?

  5. Desirea

    I have to say that your tiger body suit is really cute. I have been looking for one like that for so long and I still can’t find one. But your boots look so comfortable, they remind me of my Bearpaw boots that I just bought from this boutique that is by my house. I have to say that they have a great selection of Bearpaw boots and colors for adults and kids. My bearpaw boots are super comfortable and they keep my feet warm because of the wool inside of them. If you don’t live near Elk Grove you should check out their website http://www.shoedaca.com 🙂 They always have special deals going on, you don’t want to miss out!

  6. Sminka

    I just envy your hair, it’s always so perfect! And you are so gorgeous of course!

  7. Lisa

    The dress in the last photo is just too beautiful (although I think it’s hard not to look like a little girl in it, what you definitely don’t do).

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG