Carmen Hillestad is Coachella chic! I love her kimono and her bag that she found at Waistland Vintage in LA. Carmen always looks amazing, oh and she has a BLOG.

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33 Responses to “BEAUTIFUL CARMEN”

  1. jo

    Love the mint colour and what a wonderful hat.

    Check out my blog for art, fashion photography and films.


  2. lucia

    KatyE – I bet your a really cool mum! your daughter must steal all your clothes!

  3. lucia

    wow her bag is just so cute! it reminds me of my childhood Halloween costume, I’d wear a huge black cape with big silver stars and moons on it!. That kimono is a beautiful colour!

  4. Raggedy Ann

    I absolutely love Carmen ! Have followed her career since I was thirteen.. When I saw her by coinsidence last summer I actually though I’d die. Seems very dramatic, I know! Other teenage girls got lost in their dreams of Orlando Bloom and Dicaprio, I hoovered over everything with Carmen…

  5. KatyE.

    Love this picture! And love your blog!!!! I am now a Big Fan and have you up as one of my bookmarks. (The Sartorialist is another one).
    I am a norwegian born girl, raised in New York, and living in Norway. I´ve been into fashion -ever since High School and the discovery of Vogue. I am 42. I have a 17 yr. old daughter and she is SO INTO FASHION! This is one of the things we share and it´s wonderful!
    Best wishes to you-in all that you do and your pursuit of happiness in your life! And – keep taking pictures and blogging!