The first day of New York Fashion Week wasn’t too cold, so I wore this sweet little sweater, “little” being the key word. As you see I am baring my stomach which is something I thought I would never do again after the Spice Girls era. But hey, like Justin Bieber says: Never say never. Sweater by Opening Ceremony, pants by Acne, gloves by Ralph Lauren and bag Monica Chiang.

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98 Responses to “BARING IT”

  1. Sara

    Oh My Gosh Hanneli, you look kind of like a cat in this photo. You have the eyes, checks and ear for it. LOL, awesome photo though. I love this whole outfit on you.

  2. Zuccaro

    Me encanta, el total blanco le da elegancia, en otros colores… ya veriamos

  3. Heather

    I use to have an over-sized 80s tee with that same print! I would wear it to bed. Regret tossing it.

  4. Oona K.

    “As you see I am baring my stomach which is something I thought I would never do again after the Spice Girls era.”

    Haha. Stunning!

  5. Paula T

    Love this sweater, saw lots of people wearing it to the fashion weeks and had to blog about it…..have just realised you are on my blog! Looks like everyone’s feline crazy at the moment especially after the celeb fashion buzz around Charlotte Olympia’s kitty shoes!

  6. Ane

    Hei Hanneli! For en fantastisk inspirerende blogg du har!!! Et spm- hvilket kamera bruker du? Bildene dine er alltid så fine og fargene er så veldig skarpe! Akk slik jeg vil at mine bilder skal se ut. Håper på svar!

  7. rhofy e.

    I’ve been so concern about my surroundings if my ensemble was all white! But cute regardless. I’ve been seeing a lot of “cat” shirts on Tommy Ton, lately.


  8. Laura

    Hanneli, you look great! You get to stay natural throughout your looks. I love that. I hope I will find the jumper somewhere soon 🙂

  9. Vilde

    Fantastisk flott antrekk! Du ser helt smashing ut. Det gjør du alltid,da. Jeg tror jeg må ha den toppen.

    Og gratulerer så masse som årets moteblogger! Ingen kan utkonkurrere deg. You go girl!:-)

  10. Anniken

    You look fab as always! I just posted a picture I took of you at the Acne show in London in September on my blog! Are you going back this weekend?

    Have a great day!!

  11. AZ

    You are verry KAWAII !!
    I saw you in Japanese magazine “SPUR”.
    Please come agein to Japan.
    Because “SAKURA” is verry verry beautful.

  12. Sasha

    I love the white on white look! I have a sweater with a tiger’s face, but now I wish that it was tiny. You have inspired me to brave the midriff. When done right, amazing!

  13. Joy.

    Haha but you are way more stylish than the Spice Girls ever were, LOL! Great white look! I need those gloves!

  14. Theresa

    This sweater has been getting lots of attention lately, but I have to say, you’ve styled it the best out of all the other photos I’ve seen. Love the white on white look. You look amazing.


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