Skirt and top by Calvin Klein Collection, shades by Acne and bag by Stella McCartney.

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111 Responses to “BARING IT”

  1. Clemetine

    Lovely outfit — which collection exactly is it from? where can i find it???

  2. glamorous dresses

    Gah I wish we were friends! If people in my school figured out how to just kind of “let loose” with their fashion choices like this and not be so worried about what everyone else was wearing it would be such a more pleasant place. I love that crazy glamorous dresses skirt by the way.

  3. Birthe

    Hanneli, du er kul! Jeg tuller ikke, jeg blir stolt av å være norsk hver gang jeg ser deg i motemagasiner osv. Jeg bor nå i Australia, som utvekslingsstudent. Og jeg kjøpte meg Australske Vogue, og hvem ser jeg der? DEG. Stå på, jeg er for flere nordmenn i moteindustrien, og jeg skulle gjerne vært der selv en dag, men jeg er redd for at det skal gå den gale veien…

  4. Lara Maria

    One of the best and most inspiring blogs I’ve seen in a long time – I adore your classy but still modern style.

  5. T

    Så deg på Delicatessen i dag.
    ( vi som satt rett bak dere)
    Du er bare nydelig. Smashing outfit 😉

  6. Carla

    Hi Hanneli.
    I must say, you’re blog inspires me on a daily basis.
    Your style is absolutely amazing!
    It would really mean A LOT to me, if you’d take the time to look at my brand new blog, “Arrière” @
    – you can just click at the “translate”-button right beneath the header, and get it in English, or maybe even Norwegean?

    Thank you so much.
    I’m Looking forward to your next blogpost!


  7. Tessa Wild

    Awesome shot and awesome outfit! Love you Hanneli! Please give me your closet.

  8. Sena

    You made me realize that I need more navy in my closet! You look incredible!