My little sister Tirill wanted help to re-work her hairdo, so we sat down and made a little mood board before I started cutting. We were kind of wishing this was a service a hair salons would do. References can be so different for people; if I say Jane Birkin I think of her signature bangs and honey highlights but someone else might just know her from her short-do period and cut a pixie instead. Perhaps not  the best example but you get what I mean. Tirill has an obsession with Anna Karina’s cute style and hairdo, so that was the main inspiration for our search. Sadly I didn’t take a picture of the result!

By the way, a great tip for sweaty bangs during the summer is dry shampoo. My favorite is one from Klorane, but in an emergency baby powder will also do the job.

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  1. Dianne W

    Your collage of bangs is so tempting. I keep wishing I had the nerve but having had bangs a few times, they always bother me once I have them, so inevitably I revert to the side part.
    I just discovered your blog and I love it-

  2. Stacie

    Love the mood board! I just got bangs a couple of weeks ago, they add a nice “edge” to my style without too much work 😉

  3. Tirill :)

    I’m loving my new hairdo! It’s perfect in the sun, under a trilby hat, and at work! 😀 I recommend a similar do to others with really thick warm hair.

  4. jimena

    Oh definately loving Anna Karina!!! Loving and been also obsessed about her style in “Vivre sa vie” and “Chinesisches Roulette”.

  5. katie

    Beautiful selection, and so nicely put together!

    Have you seen Sienna Miller’s new bangs? We’re all jealous!

    Have a fun day!
    Katie @ handbag.com

  6. kylie

    Hanneli! You are amazing! I love everything about this blog! I am opening my own blog up soon with two of my best friends… So when that comes up, I can give you a link and hopefully you can adore it and tell it to your amazing fashion friends! Please support us! We want to be discovered… thanks!

  7. brian johnson

    we are a salon and we always utalize reference as part of our service.I ts a very normal practice in salon dedicated to the culture, craft and commerce of hairdressing. You should try volume powder by Sachajuan, Stockholm. It is the pest powder!
    I like your collage and i am glad you tell people about using reference. Kiitos!

  8. Jessy

    oh yes, Klorane is a fringe’s best friend. i’m loving the short, wispy fringes with plenty of volume at the sides. i recently found an amazing product that adds lift and dry texture to fringes… and it’s basically just chalk powder. it makes all the difference, because unless you have incredibly thick hair (which i certainly don’t), it’s so hard to get it perfect.

    x http://www.wideawakethoughts.com

  9. Holly

    I love all these photo’s
    I’m considering getting my hair trimmed and this is great inspiration!
    Holly x

  10. n.

    pictures are definitely the best thing in the world when it comes to actually getting what you want out of a haircut (i used some pictures of zooey deschenel when i got mine done).