Pitti Uomo in Florence has been amazing! I have never seen so many well dressed men in one place before. I have learned quite a lot about the world of tailoring, and it has also been really inspiring to see how the italian men use colors and patterns. I was in a shop where I overheard an American woman trying to get her husband to by the loafers that all Italian men are wearing with the slightly shorter pants, and this guy was like “You’ll never see me in that, never”. It’s just two complete different worlds, and I wonder why it turned out like that. All men should have a tailored suit.

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  1. Thomas

    I LOVE your blog so MUCH!!! Keep up all the amazing post!
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  2. Bell

    That’s exactly the same thing I always say: “All men should have a tailored suit.” I love the italian style and I am 100% sure not just Italians can wear them but also Germans. So guys here in Germany – WEAR ITALIAN SUITS!!!


  3. joey

    i love t big time!

    any further shots of that lovely ancle tattoo??

  4. Daveedo

    Personally, I enjoy seeing and wearing clothes that are cut and styled in more of a dandyish way, like in this picture, and the two suits that my modest means have allowed me to have made are stylish, close-fitting and smart. However, many men won’t, and shouldn’t, ever dress this way. Looking at the pic of the man above, he certainly does look sexy and stylish, but his outfit precludes him from conveying a sense of gravity that is important to many men in different kinds of professions and stations, both high and low. My own father was a successful prosecutor for many years, and he taught me a valuable lesson about clothes and grooming that didn’t really sink in until much later, which is that in many situations it is not at all to your benefit to be stylishly dressed. He would never have worn a beautiful, well-tailored suit to appear before a jury, as the connotations this would convey to a group of average working people whose favorable opinion he was trying to win would have only hurt him. He wore sensible, boring suits off the rack, with only the most basic alterations, if any at all, and he knew exactly what he was doing. Not every man dresses for the delight and amusement the style-conscious; it is indeed a different world.

  5. LACY

    now this is what I call business casual 🙂


  6. Marit Helene

    Hei Hanneli
    Jeg har fulgt bloggen din siden carousel.no, og du har blitt skikkelig flink til å ta bilder, på høyde med de beste. Lykke til videre!

  7. The Photodiarist

    It’s not that American men don’t like great tailoring. Generally, they just prefer more conventional suits. Rarely will you find (except in New York, maybe) American men in tighter, narrower pants such as the pair shown above. I think it has to do with how American men view the idea of showing “manliness” through what they wear. European men and Japanese men are way more creative and unique in their styling choices as a whole. They embrace “fashion” while American men want more conservative and long term styles.
    Just my humble opinion, anyway.

  8. Veronica Ferraro

    Hanneli I’ve seen you at the Harmont&Blaine party, you were so cool and sweet and… beautiful of course! 🙂 Have a great day!

  9. kylie

    I love that two world thing too. All the boys I know hate wearing nice clothing… I only know two who can actually dress up nice… one has a few tailored suits…. but the other just has a really cool style… the really cool surf style, but he still tries to look nice even though you would think the surfer look is casual.

  10. A(Squared) + M

    This guy is so well dressed. I wish men in the US dressed like this!

    Check out my blog:


  11. Hek

    I feel for that woman, such hard work to try to make a man look good.. Let’s all move to Italy:D

  12. Ellie

    Italian men can be completely stylish and remain masculine and attractive. I love when they drive around in their motorcycles with wonderful linen suits. And they have beautiful eyes. Viva Italia!

  13. Hanna

    Hey! I just want to say that i love you blog! I love your style and how you combining different colors and patterns. Love from Sweden!

  14. Meeks

    I concur! When will straight men (around the world)figure out that a well tailored suit is like male lingerie? Nothing sexier.