So to see my first ever couture show and have it to be Givenchy was incredible. The atmosphere in the big ballroom, the people, the anticipation of how the collection will be like, people hugging and chatting and then – it’s on. Wowza! I got goosebumps and was in complete awe. Some people were amazed with the collection and some disappointed. I haven’t quite made up my mind yet, I just know I loved the experience of being there and especially that last dress worn by Natalia Vodianova.

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  1. J-na

    I have to say I loved his choice of fabric! If you’ve seen my designs you know there is a reason why they call me, “the original fiber snob!” The fabrics in my opinion is key in setting haute couture apart, and Riccardo made an excellent choice! Outstanding!

  2. Marcelo

    You were seatting right in front of me!
    Love everything that Riccardo does, maube cause is my best friend, maybe because i was one og the first people that belived on him.
    I just love my brother.

  3. Angel

    wow, your pictures are great and the blog even more , really i fell in love with your blog , you are now on my top of blogs.

    good luck and have such a great weekend

  4. Insomnia

    I loved the collection.
    If I ever get a chance to visit some kind of a big fashion show, I think I’ll die right at the spot!

  5. josephine

    Hi Hanneli, your pic turned finally out beautifully!

    Meeting you was lovely, hope you enjoyed your first couture season and will repeat next july!

    Ha det bra!



  6. Catherine

    What a wonderful opportunity – to get to see that in person! I agree with you, Natalia’s dress was gorgeous. Actually, I like your photo much better than the one I saw on!

  7. Melissa~

    I like the collection, it was very wearable for been an haute couture collection, and it’s good see natalia again in the runway.