I love their individual styles, they look great! I see some of the comments saying they look good because they are models. Well, they are models and it’s easy for them to pull of a lot of things. But to have individual style and knowing what you like and look good in is another thing. They have perfected they’re each individual styles. There are so many models who wear the “model uniform” which most of the time is the black leather jacket, black tee, black skinny jeans and Frye boots. It’s a good look, but when everyone is wearing the same thing, it’s quite boring. These girls look amazing!

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  1. Anna

    Being a model doesn’t always mean you’ve got the look. but yes, you’re right, these girls surely have their own thing going on.

    Oh, and the make up is just adorable and fresh. less is more… only red lipstick and good base makeup can make miracles!

    my favorite is the girl with floral top and the one one left..or maybe the right one with black dress..never mind,they’re all gorgeus!

  2. Leanne McClean

    It’s an absolutely beautiful picture.

    But I think that when it comes to style, they all look great, yea, but for me only the two on the far left are truly ‘stylish’ because they look unique and have played around with a lot of things. If a non- model was wearing those clothes I think that they would look ‘average’ yet I think that if a non-model put on the two peoples clothes on the left, they would look quirky and unique!!



  3. teresa

    well, they’re not so different one from the other…
    same lipstick, same smiles, same hair…

    there’s only one who really pops out of the crowd: the great anna de rijk…
    you always picture people having so much more personality and massive attitude.

    Anyhow, compliments for your work.
    It’s always inspiring and fresh.


  4. mimi

    what a great shot!

    the girls look so pretty. seems like they’re having a lot of fun.

  5. eveline

    you right hanneli. they all look different and very unique. and ofcourse it’s easy for a model look good but who want to look at hundred girls wearing rick owens jacket and a skinny black jeans. i exactly know what you mean.
    the picture is beautifull – i love the emotion and amazing light that you’ve ‘cath’.


  6. elise

    not all of them have an invidual style. I will not say that when one is wearing a denim shorts and a white T-shirt that exudes creativity. but yes, some. two / three of them.

  7. Thea

    Fantastisk bilde!!
    Kommer du til å ta noen bilder fra Son denne sommeren? Elsker de bildene du har tatt herifra(Son) 😀

  8. shipgirl

    Oh wow I especially love the vintage-looking floral camisole paired with the masculine jeans; the cropped striped sweater is also great. I love how unique each model is with her style, it makes for such great energy in this photo!


  9. Dana

    I love this photo. Each individual has their own style appeal and all of them represent a natural and fashionable look. I like that the dresses blend in well with the causal style choices on the other models. Thanks for the post.

  10. Kelly Frances

    i agree, they have perfect their individual styles.. it looks like so much fun!! can you imagine


  11. carmen

    i think they have great style! what’s a bit weird is that their faces all look the same except the 2nd and 3rd model from the left….i guess that’s what designers want these days – clones.

  12. camilla

    vet du hva? jeg er innom siden din hver dag, og jeg elsker bildene dine og alt du gjør, jeg ser virkelig opp til deg!
    ps: så deg på stockholmstreetstyle i dag, du var kjempe fin!

  13. EMILIE

    You’re right, these girls look amazing and have their individual style, not boring at all!
    Cool photo!

  14. Kiki

    All the pretty girl.

    From their facial expression and their outfit, we can know that each of them have their own style. Awesome.

  15. Helene

    love this photo! Your photos are great Hanneli! right 2 is still more or less a model uniform, with a white loose tee + denim shorts with pockets showing…the others are truly wonderful!

  16. The Baker

    I loved the Chanel hair and makeup-fresh, easy beauty. These girls can pull off pretty much anything though…


  17. Gon

    Love the look of the first girl with the printed trousers!

    Dimogonda blog

  18. Lorena

    Jacquelyn really stands out with her dark hair. Such pretty girls and I love the hazy feel.

  19. Hadley

    They all have such amazing hair! Love, love, love.


  20. Roxanne

    They’re models, of course they do! 🙂 They’re all gorgeous. Nice photo!

  21. Comme Coco

    I love Dorothea’s style and the look of the model on the far right! Hanne always looks amazing, of course!

  22. Esther

    this picture is amazing 🙂 such different style inspiration all in one shot. dorothea has such a cute look

  23. kylie

    Each person is different which makes this so cool. I love Chanel too!! Amazing.