Leave it to Carven to attract the cutest french girls, like lovely Ana Girardot. There is something incredible about this dress, first of all the fabric is unusual and different. Then there is the cut which is a very well done baby doll cut. I have been over the baby doll cut for quite some time but seeing it done so immaculate and structured I suddenly remember why it’s so good.

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38 Responses to “AT CARVEN – PARIS”

  1. lola

    She is a french actress, her name is Ana Girardot… and she is super cute !

  2. petra Lo

    You captured a perfect moment. Your photographs are always so perfect, I can’t live without your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Todo L

    i have been lusting this dress but haven’t seen it worn before now. Now I am more in love.

  4. hobohabana

    Her hair and makeup is simple and manages to look eye-catching and endearing.

  5. Sie Vie Vo

    I love this shot! Please never stop blogging, you’re so inspiring. Your point of view is really the sharpest in the industry. I’m so over ‘statement necklaces’ and that gang.

  6. Petra Lo

    Stunning photo! And I need that dress. I don’t like babydoll at all, but this is different.