If so, you are lucky enough to be able to attend the Stine Goya sample sale in Copenhagen, or maybe you’re lucky enough to be visiting there. I wish it was me. Stine Goya is amazing! Remember to bring cash.

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4 Responses to “ARE YOU DANISH?”

  1. Caroline

    WUHUUUU! Im danish and I live in Denmark. Unfortunately I missed the event ):

  2. Deppe

    Hi Hanneli,

    Im danish and I think I will go to the outlet, I agree with you, Stine Goya is brilliant!

    BTW, Im going to NYC in 14 days, where do you recommend I go shopping if I like vintage, but also Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Choo and so on?? Im going to shop and party and a little sightseeing, im so exited!


  3. Asta

    I am danish actually, and is really looking forward to the event, that is probably going to make me overspend – big time!