Tanya has a unique way of putting her outfits together, her relaxed and personal style compliments her beauty even more. I played with the thought of seeing her in a Balmian dress or Givenchy tribal outfit but I can’t. Her style is hers and she does it so well. I love the wear of her vintage Amish denim jacket.

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18 Responses to “AMISH JACKET”

  1. ike

    may i ask, who is this woman? but yes, very comfortable, very casual, very understated: true style.

  2. Lance

    I love the fact that she is so approachable, it screams comfort without being frumpy. I also love the brows. The more a girl plucks the older she looks. Brushing beats plucking. And makes one look healthier.
    Great warm light.

  3. lovemore

    oh WOW Tanya is such a beauty!

    You really are so great with the camera babe!

    Been following you for aaaaages now! Always a stop for some great inspo 🙂

    Much love xxxx