Such a cool girl! Effortless yet elegant and feminine in a tomboyish way, who knew that was even possible.

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13 Responses to “AMERICAN ELEGANCE”

  1. Jolijn Sterk

    I love the sweater, anyone knows a lookalike which I can order from holland?

  2. Lena

    Hun minner meg om noen som kunne vært med i the Breakfast Club – og det på en positiv måte.

    Og… Skoene!!

  3. Lucia

    I want her hair cut. I’ll go to the hairdresser today, I have been hating on my hair for a while now. Thank you for this inspiration Hanneli.

  4. Elyese

    You’re so talented Hanneli! What camera do you use? You have a knack for finding good objects to shoot.

  5. Izzy

    Her hair is an inspiration for sure. I love fanciful sweatshirt & denim materials in subtle ways.

  6. marie

    it’s amazing how she embodies all these opposites; i’d say that even her gaze is a mixture of shyness and confidence – how does she do that?!