Alexa made the Chanel dress very her by adding her cool accessories.

Update: I just saw some similar clogs at Zara, oh and she is on the cover of Vogue UK with them as well, I didn’t look inside but it probably says what brand the shoes are.

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38 Responses to “ALEXA CHUNG”

  1. Mie

    Do you where, I can buy exactly the same nail poolish as Alexa Chung is wearing here? It’s so pretty…

  2. Florence

    I believe the clogs are Miu Miu.

    However, Chanel has similar ones. They can be either or.

  3. ElyZa

    WoW! I bought a pair of dark green clogs a couple of years ago and I wore them so rarely… Finally I have the right motivation to wear them! 🙂

  4. Teresa

    Haha, she is such a cutie. I wonder if I’d be able to walk in clog heels since there’s nothing keeping it on your foot?