Mira Duma wearing the best stripy ensemble after Rodarte.

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81 Responses to “AFTER RODARTE”

  1. Garima

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  2. Lara

    Great stripey look. that hat is just devine. I want one now. I wish everyone was individual enough to wear stuff like this. We are so much like sheep sometimes!

  3. Ena Styles

    woow she’s soo beautiful and I just love her style..when I see all those people here in my little town I think they’ve got NO STYLE everyone’s wearing the same clothes and they don’t know how it feels to look different – WONDERFUL!! <33 *-*

  4. Hanne

    Love your blog, Hanneli, and I always await your posts with anticipation as it provides such a source for inspiration.
    Might I ask what font you are using on your new blog design? It is really simple, yet makes a great statement.


  5. sara

    Mira looks fab., her coat looks like one of my favorite duvet covers, and I simply love it!

  6. Alvaro Reyes

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