Have you seen the Friends episode where Joey finds a key to someone’s Porche? He’s pretending it’s his, and hangs out right next to it and washes it. During the episode he ends up wearing only Porche clothes, where Ross (or who ever it was) asks: ” Hey! Did a Porche throw up on you?” That’s how I feel with this outfit, it’s all Acne, just by coincidence…

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9 Responses to “ACNE”

  1. Gina

    Hei! Har lest bloggen din en stund, og måtte bare si at jeg syntes den er utrolig kul. Du tar veldig mange kule bilder, også er det morsomt og se antrekkene du har på deg.
    -tenke det var kult med en kommentar på norsk også ? -stå på!

    xoxo Gina

  2. admin

    Thank you guys! And Pascal yes, that’s why I love them to. My Acne wish list goes on and on…

  3. Pascal

    yes, i love acne too for their timeless basics and for pieces like those trousers you are wearing or those shoes…or the platform shoes coming up for AW09 or the plastic trousers from their upcoming collection as well…and…and…i could go on forever and ever.