Abbey after the Ohne Titel SS10 show still with her show makeup and hair. Love the rose and beige tones with her neat hair.

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26 Responses to “ABBEY LEE”

  1. Shaz

    Wow she is so skinny now. More than she used to be. Love her outfit though.

  2. bella

    i looove abby lee. i’m head over heels with the outfit too. especially the shoes and jacket. the bag is really cool too because its so hippy. he hair looks good like that. i love how the shoes are hell grungy, but the outfit is kind of girly and pretty.

  3. Rachel

    She’s so beautiful; and I love her nose ring! Has she cut her hair or can we just not see the styling properly in this photo?

  4. mariah

    mmm, absolutely love the shoes they are quite beautiful although older more worn looking. they just make the whole outfit :), stunning photography may i add.

  5. Lance Pekonmäki

    Your photography is great on this pic. I love the tones of her skin in this one.
    Yeah the shoes make it all look like she threw it all on without a care. Niiiiice.

  6. Sara

    Roxyheart I think what you ment to say is that Lovermore has the same post as Hanneli, as she has taken this picture.

    I adore Abbey! She is one of my favorite models, and I love the fashion spread you postet from Dazed & Confused. Thank you for all your inspiration. I check your blog daily.

  7. Christia

    Without a doubt, she is my favorite model of the moment. She looks chic here and always has that uber cool edge about her. J’adore her!

  8. Evan John Moone

    Its all thumbs up! The shoes are amazing, they look ‘tatty’ or slightly scruffed up, like they have been with her for an age, like a faithful friend.