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32 Responses to “ABBEY LEE”

  1. Mesothelioma

    She can never look bad. Someone born to look amazing at all times. The eye make up is so bold! And the colors definitely work.

  2. Anniken Cecilie

    Møtte deg utenfor DVF visningen denne dagen! Har tatt bilder av deg som er på bloggen min 🙂 sjekk det gjerne ut! Flott bilde av Abbey Lee du har tatt!

  3. Marte

    Love the dress! Fantastisk farge, sennepsgul er råflott. Veldig kult med turkist. Likte hele outfiten, veldig bohem. Synes øyesminken kræsja litt, men ellers råflott:)

  4. Titans & Co


    We’re video-buddies on the Monday to Fashion video 🙂

    I wanted to write and say that your images are stunning. I am always inspired by this site.

  5. Sigrid

    I`m loving the dress and the combo of the outfit! This is the kind of outfit that really inspires me:)

  6. Ganymede Girl

    A lot of Abbey’s looks, if worn on someone else I wouldn’t like them but on her she owns them and look great! How does she do it?

  7. hek

    Pandabear. She’d look lovely in anything though:)Love the yellow, and the ethnic details.

  8. Caddy

    I’m loving the bright flashes or color and print that people are sporting now. It’s like this nod to summer and spring.

  9. Andrea

    She is just too cool!!
    I always bump into you in paris during fw. I loved your outfit at jpg. I actually took pictures and used them for my photography class everybody was awed in front of your bag. 🙂 i hope ill get the courage to talk to you one of these days (im really shy ^^’) anyway take care!

    Andrea 😀