I love how Vika Gazinskaya makes everything she wears her own. A beautiful combo of double denim with a touch of rusty red, and the head scarf is the final touch.

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42 Responses to “A TOUCH OF RUSTY RED”

  1. Jean Hürxkens

    Wow, I love this! It’s nice to see people wearing something different for a change. Fashion should be fun, interesting and daring. Not just the usual ‘sexy’.

  2. romaine

    Anyone know where to get those pants and pullover? or something similar? LOVE!

  3. Audrey

    I’ve never had a fashion crush before, but I think I’ve found the one!
    Yes, she makes all of her looks her own and definitely stands out with her amazing eyes, but the thing that catches me the most is the sense of delicacy that surrounds her. And by delicacy, I most definitely do not mean fragility.

  4. Momoko

    I like her nonchalant style which nobody else (except Hanneli!) can do. I wonder where she got that scarf…

  5. ClaraAnne

    That scarf makes the look complete! Is it Hermes? Love the colourful pencil shavings. She looks effortlessly amazing even ‘dressed down’.