Her drop crotch pants were old Alexander Wang, I love that they are tight on the legs so they don’t look too butch. I’m so happy to see brown colors again, after a long period with so much black (was it a reflection of the recession perhaps?) Yesterday I was wearing an all white, light grey and pastel pink outfit and I can’t believe how many people approached me to say how nice it was to see other colors than black. Sadly I didn’t get to do an outfit picture, but will soon wear it again and then take a photo to show you.

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11 Responses to “A LITTLE BIT TOMBOY”

  1. PawPaw

    That’s me!!! I mean, no it’s not me on the pict’ but I have the same style! Ouch’ I thought I was the only crazy girl who loved to dress like that! Thanks God, I’m not alone =)

  2. Charles

    She is a charmer! Which is quite a tough thing to accomplish when you wear so much menswear. But she pulls it off and she looks actually feminine…great photograph Hanneli.

  3. Kennedy

    What a greta look. Love that jacket.
    I like this menswear for women look, I prefer it when it’s paired with pretty hair or something feminine though.