I finally found the time to take an outfit picture in Copenhagen. These are my favorite overalls, and they are also the same overalls Stella McCartney complimented me for. <– link. What I like about them is that they hug my body, and I’m surprised they fit me so well as they are vintage. I found them at Screaming Mimi’s. I’m also wearing Alexander Wang bra and Yvonne Koné bag and bracelets. Now I’m in Stockholm for fashion week and soon going to see Nakkna for Opening Ceremony, yey!

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70 Responses to “A FAVORITE”

  1. Elise

    Hanneli you are so cute! Can you put up more of your own outfits of the day and pictures of you?

  2. Kelly Frances

    i just saw this photo on jak&jil.. i had no idea alexander wang made bras like that.. you pull it off perfectly!!


  3. isa

    Hej, I just wanted to congratulate you on your style!
    Some of your pictures are very inspiring, like this one.

  4. Inga

    Oh you look so fabulous! I wish I could find a pair like that, and that they would fit like a charm….no such luck…LOL (green with envy) LOL


  5. jani

    is that a large watch or 3 bracelets on the left hand? I really like !!!

  6. egf

    Yvonne Koné is a danish designer.
    You can by her cool bags here:
    youheshe.com or youheshe.dk (I don’t rembember).

  7. Tiara

    Oh, I am just absolutely obsessed with those overalls and how they fit you. You always find the best vintage pieces (especially that blue jean button-up with the shoulder cut-outs, that was fantastic). Maybe you could do a post on your favorite vintage shops all over the world (especially New York). You’re busy, I know but if you ever have time then that would be wonderful.

  8. Alyssa

    so beautiful. they are a perfect fit. i think you must be in that very small percentage of women who would look great in anything.

    just found your site through Geri’s, it’s great 🙂

  9. margrethe

    Så kult!!!!
    Hvor selger de Yvonne Kone?? I København,Stocholm eller Norge? Fra hvilket land er merket?

  10. Ingeborg

    That was such an elegant overall, I’m impressed that you actually have a waist in it and the curve of you hips is super womanly, not like any overall I’ve ever seen before.

  11. prutha

    ok, i say this every time, but i cant help it…ur beautiful!!

    love the overalls…and those bracelets

  12. marte

    that looks perfect. you can really pull of any thing you where. i was just wondering if you could take a picture of a girl with great taste, but not modelbody. like an example for us who dont have that killer body!

  13. lene

    Jeg så et bilde av deg fra fashion week københavn, tror jeg. Der hadde du på deg en fantastisk gul mønstret kjole. Hvor er den fra? Er den vintage kanskje?
    Nydelig var den! 🙂

  14. hande

    i am in love with Yvonne Koné bags but cant find it anywhere to buy. is there a online site that i can buy them?

  15. The Photodiarist

    I am not usually a fan of overalls but these are wonderful simply because they fit so well and aren’t the baggy kind that farmers wear.

  16. Anna

    That is so beautiful outfit. the overalls fit you like a dream. No wonder Miss McCartney complimented you.

  17. chrysso

    I have been looking for a cuff/bracelet just like yours. Looking great as ever – have a nice time in Copenhagen. ck 🙂 x

  18. Englishvers

    Ah, your face has Roman elements to it.
    And what a dark and sensuous head of hair you have there! The overalls are very stylish, too!
    Do have a grand time in Copenhagen.