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I’m sorry for the lack of posting my dear readers, the heavy winter in New York and the long trip to Brazil has taken its toll. I’m covering Sao Paulo Fashion Week for Spanish Vogue. It’s exciting being here, the designers are really good and the models are all very professional. Alicia Kuczman is having so much fun with her outfits, and I love how she has cut the hem and deliberately not sown it neatly after.

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The winter is New York is kind of rough this season, I thought the worst part was over when I left Norway. So I’m dreaming of wearing less layers and spring. This sweater must be one of the softest on earth, it’s by Vlad, my shades by Stella McCartney, skirt by Zara, bag Mulberry, boots by Whyred.

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Prada’s SS11 campaign pictures has been running through the internet like freshly baked bread, but this video is even better. Backwards dancing and pling-plong-music by Mirando by Ratatat, it doesn’t get better than this! And I see so many things I will need to get, for one those plateau sneakers.

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I get a lot of emails asking me about my hair, what products I use and who cuts it, as well what skin products I use. So here are some of the answers (with more to come).

I went to Whittemore House yesterday and freshened up my hair color with the help of  Vicoria, and afterwards Coby used her magic scissors to give my hair a little trim. Not only is everyone who works there very sweet and kind, but the atmosphere in the salon is homy and calming. There is nothing like starting a new year with a fresh cut!

After I wash my hair I put in a tiny bit of Oribe’s “Creme for Style”, followed by a few sprays of Sachajuan’s “Ocean Mist”. Then I quickly dry it using a blowdryer and a round brush, I mess it up a little and then I’m done. Sometimes I’ll use a curling iron to add some life, but I take care not to curl the ends to much as that gives my hair more of a cute look.

Whittemore House is located on 45 Grove street in New York.

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The girl with the otherwordly features Caroline Brasch Nielsen with the fun Prada hairdo. I wonder what gel was used to make it, does anyone know? How great that the eye shadow just happened to match her shirt.

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How adorable is it possible to look! I like how she put the colorful silky turban with easy daywear. And those knitted shorts are perfect.

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Tati Cotliar always puts her outfits together in fun and unexpected ways, unusual colors and patterns clashed together in a beautiful way. Always topped off with a great bag and very cool shoes.

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I think I’m in love with this sweater by Celine. Although I’m not normally a big fan of belts on the hip it really works wonderfully styled like this on Gerladine Saglio.

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Thank you Anna Della Russo and Japanese Vogue for making this happen! To be shot by Mark Seliger is quite an honor I never thought I would experience. The fun and amazing stylist Sissy Vian picked out two beautiful dresses, the blue one is from Stella McCartney resort and the one that ended up in the magazine is from Christian Dior. They did a great job making all the different bloggers pictures totally unique like Todd Selby in a pool with Christian Louboutain slippers on (!), Tommy Ton with a naked cat on his shoulder and Susie Lau looking adorable as usual.

Thanks for the scan Fuyume.

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HELLO 2011

Happy New Year! I hope you all have had a great holiday. I have been living in these pants this holiday, they are so very comfortable, slightly high waisted and slightly flaired. I love the color combo of this outfit. Pants by H&M SS11, shirt by Zara and bag Miu Miu.

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