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Tara has such inspiring style, she can be girly one day and tomboy the other day. I have never understood people who says “No, this dress is not me” while shopping. I say “Try it on and you might be surprised”. Tara found the dress at the last ever sale of PHI (RIP) and it had been just hanging there, everyone had been passing it. I love that it’s romantic and strong at the same time. Her hair is so great too! New York has been so humid, hair just gets big and frizzy. But this hairdo is humid-proof, it will just get better and better throughout the day.

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I’m happy to be using one of my all time favorite vintage finds again, the denim shirt is just too good. It’s actually a bodysuit, and it needs to be worn with something high waisted or else the non-denim fabric peaks up. The shorts are vintage Levi’s orange label from What Comes Around Goes Around. Same belt as in previous post. Lipstick is self-made and it will come out this fall.

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This bra is my summer favorite and will wear it with everything my closet has to offer all summer. And I’m wearing a self made turban! The scarf is from Zara, as well the blazer,  shades from Persol, bra from Alexander Wang, shorts from Acne, belt is second hand.

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