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So I definitely have a tiny obsession with the sailors that has been all over New York last week, and who can blame me? Their uniforms must be my all time favorite uniform, it photographs so well and I feel like I went into a time capsule to a different time. I shot this with my analog Nikon FM camera on black & white film. It was their last day in town, and as sailors do they asked me for my phone number. They got a picture with me instead, great deal!

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Have you seen the Friends episode where Joey finds a key to someone’s Porche? He’s pretending it’s his, and hangs out right next to it and washes it. During the episode he ends up wearing only Porche clothes, where Ross (or who ever it was) asks: ” Hey! Did a Porche throw up on you?” That’s how I feel with this outfit, it’s all Acne, just by coincidence…

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